Make your Wii Nunchuck wireless!!

No need to whine anymore about the little wire that connects the Wii console’s main Remote to the Nunchuck as gaming peripherals manufacturer Nyko has created a wireless alternative!!

Make your Wi Nunchuck wireless!

Nyko’s Cord-Free system boasts:

  • A wireless dongle that slots into the Remote at the point where the Nunchuck’s cord would normally connect.
  • The unit’s powered by two AAA batteries.
  • The Nunchuck slots into a specialist holder with a cord wrap at the bottom, which keeps the Nunchuck cable compressed and tidy. Makes the Nunchuck look like a joystick!
  • Nyko claims you’ll get around 60 hours of gameplay out of its set-up
  • Gamers can stand up to four-and-a-half metres away from the Wii before the wireless connection drops out

Looks good!

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