About the StormerClan BLOG

Welcome to the official StormerClan BLOG, home to lots of juicy articles from the StormerClan FPS gaming community.

We are an ever increasing group of friendly gamers that love to play online and more importantly have fun in doing so.

This [SC] Blog is an additional area for members, friends and visitors alike to come and share some friendly banter. It will also be updated regularly with gaming news, gossip and other news that we feel will be of interest to anyone stumbling along our site.

We at StormerClan currently host many FPS games on our servers and also host a vent VOIP server for members and friends. These include:

  • Call of Duty 4 – Ranked & Punksbusted!
  • ET: QW – Full RANKED & Punksbusted!
  • BF2142 – All versions RANKED & Punksbusted!
  • BF2 – All versions RANKED & Punksbusted
  • CS: S (Counter Strike Source & its many mods)
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Unreal Tournament 3
  • & more!!

StormerClan members generously chip in for the server costs. All which you the gaming public are welcome to join and try to frag us on!

Visit the StormerClan home page here: http://www.stormerclan.com/index.php
You can also see our current server status here: [SC]Server Monitors

We strictly disapprove of any players found to be hacking, cheating or being generally abusive on our servers and if any player is found to be guilty of either, they will be kicked or even banned. We use technologies such as Punksbusted and more to help with this.

The comments on this blog are property of their posters, all artwork and extras by MysticDonut are © 2005-2008 for StormerClan use ONLY.